John Ward – 1958 MGA Twin Cam


Let me again tell you how happy I am with what you were able to do in restoring my 1958 MGA Twin Cam to top running condition. As you know, these cars are notoriously troublesome to tune and stay tuned. Your team was able to sort out all of the issues quickly and expertly. The engine, which barely ran at all, is now quick to start and accelerates to full rpm without hesitation. The handling which we talked about was somewhat suspect when I brought it in, and it now is predictable and firm without being harsh. All of the electrical problems with the headlights turn signals (reversed), and the fog lights are now perfect. Once again we have triumphed over the Princes of Darkness!

Most importantly of all, I was prepared to wait most of the summer for the car to be finished, and you were done in a couple of short weeks, and I have been able to enjoy it all summer. We will also be able to ship it to Carmel for the Classic Car week, and we are so much looking forward to that! Again, thanks, so much and I have enclosed a couple of pictures for your records!

All the best,