150-Point Evaluation

Are you considering the purchase of an antique or classic car but do not know if you are making a wise purchase? Do you own an antique or classic car and want a better idea of its true condition and value? Then consider our 150-point evaluation service.

For a potential car buyer, we will perform a 150-point evaluation of a car that is being considered for purchase and/or restoration. We can also advise the customer of the car’s overall condition, fair market value, and determine if a full or partial restoration is warranted. In addition, we will provide this service for a current classic car owner who is looking to have a car gone over thoroughly before extensive use of the vehicle.

The 150-point evaluation takes about eight hours and includes a thorough road test, an undercarriage inspection on our service lift, and a body/interior check. Included with this is a written report of our findings, as well as a list of recommended repair or service items.

We have a variety of new and used British spares for sale. As an authorized Moss Motors Distributor we can provide competitive pricing and next day delivery of most British car parts and accessories.