Our Staff

Vintage Restorations Ltd. has an experienced, professional staff that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the final product is both what the customer expects and desires. We are always happy to provide encouragement, free advice and technical assistance to anyone who is thinking of purchasing an antique car for refurbishment or restoration.

John M. Tokar

Owner and Operations Manager

John has 45 years experience with British cars. He began collecting British cars while in college and developed a specialty in MG sports cars. After receiving a degree in Chemistry, he joined the Federal Government (NOAA) to pursue a career in oceanography/ocean engineering. He also holds a Master of Science in Engineering/Management. Vintage Restorations Limited was formed as a corporation in 1992. After retiring from NOAA in 1998, John expanded the company and began operating the business full time. He has personally restored and currently owns a number of British cars, including this MGA. His long standing affiliations with noted automotive organizations including the MG Car Club Washington D.C. Centre and the North American MGA Register (NAMGAR). He also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Chesapeake Chapter of the New England MGT Register (NEMGTR) and is currently serving in a consulting capacity for The Original British Car Day.

Dan Wolf

Restoration Technician

Dan has crewed for and raced British cars, formula cars, such as continentals and Atlantics, along with German cars since he was 16. He has worked on primarily British, German, and Italian cars as well as getting his feet wet in the hot rod world. He specializes in repairing and hand making parts that are no longer available. Metal fabrication is Dan’s specialty, but he also performs all tasks necessary to complete a restoration from beginning to end using modern and old school techniques of the trade.

Bill Hemelt

Restoration Technician

Bill has 40 years experience in automotive collector car field. He was factory trained in Fiat, Triumph, Lancia Alfa Romeo and Lotus. Bill has been working at foreign car shops since graduating high school in 1976. He spent some time in the late 70s at a Fiat, Alfa Romeo Triumph dealer. Much of his time was spent servicing all sorts of exotics including Lamborghini, Ferrari and Lotus. He has worked at local independents for over 20 years performing all phases of restoration and repair.

Laurel Tokar

Office/Shop Coordinator & Restoration Assistant

Laurel has been around British cars since her childhood. She handles office administration, customer service, work scheduling/delegating, invoicing and web photos. She assists the technicians with restorations and performs light operations in the shop as needed. Laurel uses her classic cars as daily transportation, rain, snow or shine, disproving the myth that these cars can only be used for shows and weekend drives!

Lin Snider

Restoration Consultant

Lin has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has over 45 years experience collecting and working on British cars with expert knowledge in MG sports cars. He provides advice and council in support of the restoration process. Lin also assists with company administration, customer relations and service operations.

Thomas Gwinner, Restoration Technician

Thomas graduated with honors from Lincoln Technical Institute in 1981 and has 38 years of experience working on British cars. After serving in general repair shops he took a position at 4wd, East Coast Off-Road Headquarters. Working in the Off-road arena taught him design and fabrication skills which he has utilized throughout his career. In 1995, he went to work for the Frankel Land Rover dealership, one of the first dealerships in the country to offer new Land Rover vehicles to customers in the US. He was factory trained and achieved the status of Land Rove Master Technician by Land Rover North America. He traveled to the Solihull Land Rover Plant in the UK were he gained additional knowledge of the marque. He joined UK motors in 2008 where he repaired and restored vintage British iron. His current personal project is a 1957 Standard Triumph 10, upgraded to a spitfire engine and gearbox. Thomas currently serves in a valuable position in our shop repairing and restoring all types of vintage cars with MG”T” series cars as his specialty.  We are pleased to have him aboard!