Dave Fick – 1952 MG TD


Below is a snapshot of Anna & Michael Fick driving the 52 TD away from their wedding reception last Saturday, June 16

The car was perfect and we cannot thank you enough for your heroic work in getting it back on the road for the kids last week.

Vintage Restorations is one of my favorite businesses because you guys have a fun line of work, and you are fair. When I called one week before the wedding with an emergency repair situation, I did not hold out much hope that the car could be available for the big day. And then the wrecker pulled off the rear axle taking the car to your shop, so we thought it was virtually impossible! But you guys came through, found the parts, worked diligently to save the wedding plans, and in two business days we were ready to go. The car drove great!

The groom, our son Michael, had never before driven a clutch, so he learned on the car the day before the wedding, and didnt stall out once during the big event! Mike is a talented Navy pilot, but this was new to him, so with crossed fingers thetransmission and clutch survived.

Thanks a million for being there when we needed you most! We promise that we will never again bring you a rush job.

Warmest regards,