Testimonial: John Ward
1958 MGA Twin Cam
July 29, 2014


Let me again tell you how happy I am with what you were able to do in restoring my 1958 MGA Twin Cam to top running condition. As you know, these cars are notoriously troublesome to tune and stay tuned. Your team was able to sort out all of the issues quickly and expertly. The engine, which barely ran at all, is now quick to start and accelerates to full rpm without hesitation. The handling which we talked about was somewhat suspect when I brought it in, and it now is predictable and firm without being harsh. All of the electrical problems with the headlights turn signals (reversed), and the fog lights are now perfect. Once again we have triumphed over the Princes of Darkness!

Most importantly of all, I was prepared to wait most of the summer for the car to be finished, and you were done in a couple of short weeks, and I have been able to enjoy it all summer. We will also be able to ship it to Carmel for the Classic Car week, and we are so much looking forward to that! Again, thanks, so much and I have enclosed a couple of pictures for your records! All the best, JMW

Testimonial: Dave Fick
1952 MG TD
June 19, 2012


Below is a snapshot of Anna & Michael Fick driving the 52 TD away from their wedding reception last Saturday, June 16

The car was perfect and we cannot thank you enough for your heroic work in getting it back on the road for the kids last week.

Vintage Restorations is one of my favorite businesses because you guys have a fun line of work, and you are fair. When I called one week before the wedding with an emergency repair situation, I did not hold out much hope that the car could be available for the big day. And then the wrecker pulled off the rear axle taking the car to your shop, so we thought it was virtually impossible! But you guys came through, found the parts, worked diligently to save the wedding plans, and in two business days we were ready to go. The car drove great!

The groom, our son Michael, had never before driven a clutch, so he learned on the car the day before the wedding, and didnt stall out once during the big event! Mike is a talented Navy pilot, but this was new to him, so with crossed fingers thetransmission and clutch survived.

Thanks a million for being there when we needed you most! We promise that we will never again bring you a rush job.

Warmest regards,


Testimonial: James Bowders
1975 MG Midget
June 15, 2012


Thank you. I want to thank Andy for doing a first class job.

Yes, made it home safe and sound and I enjoyed the nice drive. It will take a little time getting used to oil pressure and water temperature gauges that actually work correctly.

I am so very pleased with the way the car looks, just like I would have done it if I had the time to do the work myself

Thanks again


James B.

Testimonial: Wayne Eckelmann
1960 MGA
May 16, 2012


Hope this finds you well. I've been driving my MGA very regularly since you guys busted your butts to get it back on the road in time for my son's wedding. It runs great and has turned into a very reliable car

Thanks again for all the great work you and your crew do to keep these cars alive. What a dream job. Talk to you soon.

Wayne E.

Testimonial: John Huber
1963 MGB Roadster
May 3, 2012


The ride home was great. The MG is running and driving the best it has in the 10 years Ive owned it. You and your team did a great job. Its hard to imagine it will have its 49th birthday later this year. It didnt feel that old.

Thanks so much.

John H.

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